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David Gann


Germany: 004915751507580
Austria: 004368181423933

Responsive Design
Research & Development
Exhibition Design
Scientific Visualization
Data Visualization
Real-Time Graphics
International Delivery
Software Development
Mobile Applications
Hardware Engineering
Concept & Idea Creation
3D Design
Interface Design
Interaction Design
3D Printing
Generative Design
Digital Signage
Digital Interiors
Media Facades
Media Production
Information Visualization
Game Development
Visual Design
Stage Performances
Wearable Technology
Projection Mapping
3D Renderings
Interactive Installations
Media Architecture
Embeded Systems
Web Development
Touch-Screen Interfaces
Virtual Reality
Multi-User Exhibits
Rapid Prototyping
Creative Coding
Object Recognition
User Tracking
Tangible User Interfaces
Gesture Recognition
Shader Development
DirectX 11

000.graphics is a studio for creative innovations. The studio was founded by David Gann who is intensively working in the field of interface design, interactive media, data-visualization and real-time computer graphics.

We provide international clients with complete software and hardware solutions, such as ideation and concept development. Our services and products can be applied to a wide range of use cases.

Application Development

Web pages, mobile applications, real-time applications, games, touch-screen interfaces

Hardware Development

Embedded systems, wearable technology, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, tangible interfaces, tracking technologies, object recognition, gesture interfaces

Exhibition Design

Interactive exhibitions, showrooms, media facades, media architecture, multi-projector installations

Computer Graphics

Data-visualization, scientific renderings, print design, virtual reality, shader development


Stage performances, visual design, projection mapping

Media Production

Visual and sound design


Workshops, lectures, educational applications

000 Projects