3D Printing Inspired by Life
Generative Design Methods
1-3D Printing EXO1
2-3D Printer
3-Generative Lasercuts and 3D Prints
4-Generative Geometry Twisted Voronoi Ring
5-Generative Geometry Hexagon Ring
6-Generative Geometry Voronoi Displacement

3D Printing Inspired by Life

Generative Design Methods

Life on the planet has similar aims as we have when it comes to building things with a 3d printer. A set of methods for 3d model creation have been worked out for the workshop '3D Printing Inspired by Life'.

In the workshop we see how we can use generative design processes to reduce material, cost and 3d printing time while maintaining stability. In addition we can save time in designing the 3D model. With the parametrization of geometry we can evolve endless variations of a thing and select the best result.


  • 3d voronoi patterns
  • parametric spirals
  • tessellation and displacement
  • methods for sampling and creating meshes
  • growing meshes
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