ATLAS Dance Performance
Body-Mind-Technology and the Human Scale
1-ATLAS 2015 fotocredits Mirek Dworczak
2-ATLAS 2015
3-ATLAS 2015 show fotocredits Mirek Dworczak 2
4-ATLAS - Making Off fotocredits Mirek Dworczak

ATLAS Dance Performance

Body-Mind-Technology and the Human Scale

In this immersive and interactive dance performance we discuss the discrepancy between body, mind and technology in our highly urbanized world. a world in which individuals are vanishing in the turbulent mass dynamics of the human civilization that is reshaping the face of the planet in an ever growing speed and scale.

For the dual-screen projection a visualization of urban data and live composed sound is used. The dancers are equipped with wearable electronics which connect the movements directly with the visual and sound.

The wireless motion-tracking devices were specifically designed for the purpose of being used in a dance situation.


  • wearable technology
  • wireless 6DOF motion tracking
  • Openstreetmaps data-visualization
  • about 500.000 particles
  • Credits

  • David Gann : Production
  • Visual
  • Sound
  • Hardware Tzeshi Lei : Production
  • Sound Barbara Foeldesi : Production
  • Choreography
  • Dance Joanna Gruberska : Choreography
  • Dance data:
  • 000 Projects