A lively underwater-world created by kids
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Real-Time Ocean Simulation


A lively underwater-world created by kids

Interactive multi-user wall projection which was developed for Sealife Sydney and Melbourne as a permanent installation. The underwater scene is fully interactive and fishes repel from users according to realistic swarming algorithms.

Visitors (mostly kids) can paint fish-templates and scan them at 2 touch-screen stations. The creations are then virtually dropped in the aquarium. Users can also send their creation via email.


  • real-time underwater scene
  • about 60 individually moving 3d fishes
  • about 60 user generated fishes
  • 8 fish species from coral reef
  • multiple swarms
  • moving underwater plants
  • multi IR camera tracking
  • touch-screen stations for scanners
  • email sending functionality
  • Credits

  • Programming: David Gann
  • 3D Models and Design: Tzeshi Lei
  • Produced for Everyoneishappy Productions and Interactive Interiors
  • 000 Projects